We’re doing it

We’re amplifying the voices of those who do not view immigration as a threat, and who dare together for another world. We say to NO to a politics of exclusion and debasement, of fear and hate, of violence and resentment. We say YES to a diverse society shaped by all of us.

 We’re doing what’s realistic

Migration is reality. Immigration is an inevitable part of a world that’s politically and economically intertwined. Therefore, we seek a realistic, pragmatic approach to immigration, an approach that faces up to the socio-political challenges. We’re putting into practice the great potential for plurality that immigration holds.

 We’re doing what makes sense

Sharing makes sense. Sharing offers us the chance to contribute to our society. To exclude people from sharing is neither ethically nor politically defensible and, moreover, brings high social and economic costs. We’re demanding laws that make sharing possible, rather than obstructing it. We’re creating spaces for sharing.

We’re doing what’s necessary

Equality is essential. We’re re-shaping our society together, with respect for that which distinguishes us as well as that which unites us. Equality requires equal laws – they are the precondition for a successful democratic commonwealth.

We’re doing it because it’s possible

Another world is possible. The millions who are engaged daily prove this. We’re taking on the responsibility of collectively reshaping the way we live together. We’re looking forward to it.