Being a newcomer in Germany in the past and today

"When I came to Germany" - A conference held under the auspices of the International Women Space, for women to come together and exchange their experiences

by Oula Suliman

Voting for our future without us

For some of us having the right to vote is still a dream. Not having this choice means others decide on what terms to move on.

by Yasmine Nayef Merei

German politics finally going international?

Our author shares his perspective on German politics and how he missed international issues. He observes a shift which might lead in a new direction.

by Mohammadali Ghods

Humanize Humans

Are all humans truly humans regarding to the media? Are refugees seen in the same neutral eye, and their stories; are they written with the same crafted hands? A polemic about the medias portrayal of refugees  

by Oula Suliman

6 Years Syrian Revolution

On march 18th a demonstration took place in Berlin to commemorate the sixth year of the Syrian revolution. Ameenah Sawwan was one of the participants and shares some thoughts and conversations on this date.

by Ameenah Sawwan

International Women*s Day

On March 8 many women came together at numerous places to loudly claim equal rights. The International Women*s Struggle Demo took place in Berlin Kreuzberg. One member of Iwspace held the following speech.

by Iwspace

Don’t forget friendship to the world

A discussion about hostility with Christina Thürmer-Rohr, Sabine Hark and Ines Kappert.


Migrants and refugees as new actors in politics and the media

Annika Reich gave a keynote speech on behalf of WIR MACHEN DAS (WE’RE DOING IT) at the FORMATE DES POLITISCHEN (POLITICAL FORMATS) conference in Berlin on November 3. The focus of the speech was on the extent to which the media present newcomers as actors and the discriminatory ways in which they are portrayed. Here is an extract from her speech.

by Annika Reich

The unattainable is always present

Bachtyar Ali, one of the most important writers from Iraqi Kurdistan, gave a fascinating lecture on the philosophical significance of the flight experience at PLURIVERSALE V. Our author Hannah Newbery met him for an interview after the lecture and talked with him about home, flight, integration and Der letzte Granatapfel (The Last Pomegranate), Ali’s first book to be published in German.

by Hannah Newbery

IS and the Sphinx

Orwa Nyrabia on how western narratives of fear and panic are supporting terrorism and why deliberateness would help us to deal with our collective responsibility.

by Orwa Nyrabia