A humanized book

What if, instead of borrowing a book from a library in your city or university, you could borrow a person and hear her story? Welcome to the "Living Library", where books are real persons and pages are face-to-face conversations.

by Asma Abidi

Long journeys

At seventeen, Karamo Jabbie made the difficult journey from Gambia to Germany all on his own. In a music workshop in Berlin, he cooperated with other youth who came here on their own in search of a better future and together they produced a multi-lingual rap song that connects their different stories and honors their common struggles.

by Sophie Reimers

One week of language babel

The translator’s workshop “Poesie der Nachbarn – Dichter übersetzen Dichter” (Poetry of neighbors – Poets translating poets) took place for the 30th time this year. The host-country was Syria.

by Maritta Iseler

Alphabet of Arrival

Comic journalism offers an alternative approach to the usual way flight and migration are reported. Our author participated in an exciting workshop and tried this format for the first time.

by Asma Abidi

The ups and downs of voluntary work

The Berlin-based project PROTHEGE offers therapy to refugees in response to a heavy demand for it. But creating a workable structure on a voluntary basis has proved more difficult than envisaged at the start. A report on insufficient funding and difficult networking.

by Annika Huhn

Because places entice you to get used to them

Meet your neighbours as part of a ‘cultural breakfast’ event at the municipal library in Munich-Pasing. On 14 May, Fridolin Schley met the Syrian poet and journalist Yamen Hussein for an intercultural dialogue with a Syrian focus. They read old and new poems and talked about the continuous process of arriving in a new country.

by Silke Kleemann

Research at the interface with political activism

Students of Freie Universität Berlin organized a research seminar on the situation of women* in refugee camps in Berlin in cooperation with the International Women’s Space (IWS). Recently the research results were published in an anthology.

by Miriam Bräu und Lena Nahrwold

Magic is here – Meet your Neighbours presents the NeuLand newspaper at Literaturhaus München

At the Meet your Neighbours evening at Literaturhaus München (House of Literature Munich) on May 3, Sandra Hoffmann and Denijen Pauljević met authors and editors from the NeuLand (NewLand) newspaper, which since 2015 has been offering refugees an unfiltered opportunity to speak out and enter into dialogue with people already living here.

by Silke Kleemann

“I need my father more than ever before”

For a good three months now, the Berlin association SolidariGee has been holding consultation hours for young adult refugees who arrived in Germany as unaccompanied minors. All support measures and care services fall away – with drastic consequences – as soon as these people come of age.

by Caroline Kraft

Music, music, we play music

One year ago a group of professional musicians founded the MitMachMusik association with the aim to promote integration by playing music together. Twice a week, professional musicians visit children and teenagers in their accommodation at the refugee camps in Berlin and Potsdam to play music with them. The children are sensitized to listen to each other, to react and interact, to guide and accompany.

by Hiba Obaid