Pilot projects

FLAX – Foreign Local Artistic Xchange. A Mentoring-Programme for Refugee Artists and a Network for Cultural Collaborations

Top local artists provide one-to-one support to creative artists who have fled their homelands.

by Rebecca Ellsäßer

The Refugee Student Scholarship Network

The Refugee Student Scholarship Network gets involved (via individual sponsorships) in the funding of scholarships offered by an American-German liberal arts college (Bard College Berlin) for up to 20 young refugees.

by Marion Detjen

From a Meat Grinder to the Aleppo Supper Club

The dream of opening up a restaurant – Marion Detjen on one Syrian family’s long struggle to get a foothold in Berlin.

by Marion Detjen

Baynetna. Between us.

The New Library.

by Ines Kappert

First German-Arabic Children’s Reading in Berlin’s Tucholsky Bookshop

I’d hardly exchanged the gummy bears for the cookies and dates before she came sweeping into the bookshop with a crowd of 4-to-12-year-olds.


The Right to Have Rights

WE’RE DOING IT offers free legal advice sessions in various languages for displaced persons in Berlin emergency accommodation.

by Sabine Hark

Your Own Fourteen Walls: A Temporary Refugium

We rarely hear the acknowledgement that some walls are necessary: the walls that protect a person’s dignity.

by Priya Basil

Lanna Idriss and Gyalpa

In case you’re wondering: yes, it is possible at the same time, at least for anyone with as much energy and determination as Lanna Idriss.

by Annika Reich
Call for Action

The Bookshop as a Space for Encounter

Not talking about each other, talking to each other. Readings and conversations with refugees in your local bookshop.

by Annika Reich