“The applicant is called upon…”

Abas has received a notice of rejection. A shock for after a long odyssey from Eritrea to Germany he finally seemed to be safe. But that safety is threatened. He is said to leave the country.

by Katja Doubek

Wafa Mustafa: The Story Behind The Name

Getting to know yet another strong female narrative in this biographical interview. Wafa speaks about her fights, depression and resilience.

by Tanya Sharma

The Wandering Self

Where is home when you have lived everywhere, who are you after you've lost your anchor? A viewpoint of a modern nomad  

by Lina Alhaddad

Forging friendships – an interview with Tamim Masood about the art project “Odyssee”

Tamim Masood, 22, was a journalist in Afghanistan before coming to Germany in October 2015. In a short interview, he talks about his personal experiences during the development stages of the Odyssee (Odyssey) art project, which was launched by the artist and steel sculptor Georg Friedrich Wolf. The project, which started in Habitzheim, Hesse, was presented in Berlin in December 2016.

by Christine Schmutzler & Miriam Zlobinski

A Dead Talent

The only language he spoke was music. He gave his listeners the taste of melancholy, imprisonment and torture.

by Marwan Safarjalani

Show me where you come from

The artist Dieter Mammel spent a year painting with displaced children and youths. The result: unique contemporary documents telling stories of war and flight, but also of hope and dreams. We visited his atelier in Berlin.

by Theresa Schmidt

6 Questions to: Merlin Nadj-Torma

In her photo series “Here is everything as 22 stars :-)”, the photographer has been following and documenting since the year 2011, the life of refugees in illegal camps on the Serbian-Hungarian border, at the gateway to Europe. She tells us about her personal experiences in this short interview.


In exile, I live my past, present and future simultaneously

Heike Steinweg spent a year photographing women living in exile in Berlin. One of the life-sized portraits in her exhibition I never said goodbye | WOMEN IN EXILE shows Hend. If one looks in Hend's face and that of the other portrayed women and takes the time to read the lines under the photographs, thus one gets to know a lot – about the feelings and dreams of the fled women – and about what we share with them.    


6 Questions to: Quirin Leppert

In his series Wir Sind Da (We’re There), the photographer Quirin Leppert reveals the relationships between displaced people and their private helpers, and offers insights into their newly established bonds. In a short interview, he talks about his personal experiences.


I never said goodbye | WOMEN IN EXILE

Heike Steinweg spent a year photographing women living in exile in Berlin, training her lens on each woman’s personal story. Despite different cultural and social backgrounds, all her photographic subjects have one thing in common: their determination, strength and courage to build a new life. The life-sized portraits are now on show in the exhibition I never said goodbye | WOMEN IN EXILE, which opens today in the Galerie im Tempelhof Museum.