The Wandering Self

Where is home when you have lived everywhere, who are you after you've lost your anchor? A viewpoint of a modern nomad  

by Lina Alhaddad

Forging friendships – an interview with Tamim Masood about the art project “Odyssee”

Tamim Masood, 22, was a journalist in Afghanistan before coming to Germany in October 2015. In a short interview, he talks about his personal experiences during the development stages of the Odyssee (Odyssey) art project, which was launched by the artist and steel sculptor Georg Friedrich Wolf. The project, which started in Habitzheim, Hesse, was presented in Berlin in December 2016.

by Christine Schmutzler & Miriam Zlobinski

“I need my father more than ever before”

For a good three months now, the Berlin association SolidariGee has been holding consultation hours for young adult refugees who arrived in Germany as unaccompanied minors. All support measures and care services fall away – with drastic consequences – as soon as these people come of age.

by Caroline Kraft

Music, music, we play music

One year ago a group of professional musicians founded the MitMachMusik association with the aim to promote integration by playing music together. Twice a week, professional musicians visit children and teenagers in their accommodation at the refugee camps in Berlin and Potsdam to play music with them. The children are sensitized to listen to each other, to react and interact, to guide and accompany.

by Hiba Obaid

We all need a little JumpStart in life

Jumpstart is a project that brings together locals and newcomers in order to provide orientation, support and motivation for a new beginning in Berlin. Lorna Cannon, who has moved from England to Germany herself some years ago, tells about the challenges of a new arrival from her own experience and how, by international friendships and the occupied Oranienplatz in Berlin-Kreuzberg, she got in touch with the project JumpStart.

by Lorna Cannon

6 Years Syrian Revolution

On march 18th a demonstration took place in Berlin to commemorate the sixth year of the Syrian revolution. Ameenah Sawwan was one of the participants and shares some thoughts and conversations on this date.

by Ameenah Sawwan

WIR MACHEN DAS in an open discussion event at the international literary festival berlin (ilb)

WIR MACHEN DAS organized an open discussion event during the international literary festival berlin (ilb), to highlight the questions that concern the newcomers here in Berlin.

by Lina Alhaddad

A Dead Talent

The only language he spoke was music. He gave his listeners the taste of melancholy, imprisonment and torture.

by Marwan Safarjalani

International Women*s Day

On March 8 many women came together at numerous places to loudly claim equal rights. The International Women*s Struggle Demo took place in Berlin Kreuzberg. One member of Iwspace held the following speech.

by Iwspace

Baynetna – Between Us.

How the first Arabic library in Berlin emerged. The opening.

by Ines Kappert