Breaking free from container town

„Beschränkung“ (Restriction) is a short film directed by Denijen Pauljević. It shows how a young man experiences coming to germany as a refugee and finding himself confronted with many limitations. The film was made more than 20 years ago, but its message still holds significant relevance today.

by Malak AlSayyad

Being a newcomer in Germany in the past and today

"When I came to Germany" - A conference held under the auspices of the International Women Space, for women to come together and exchange their experiences

by Oula Suliman

A humanized book

What if, instead of borrowing a book from a library in your city or university, you could borrow a person and hear her story? Welcome to the "Living Library", where books are real persons and pages are face-to-face conversations.

by Asma Abidi

From war zone to classroom

About an energetic young teacher who is learning fast and enjoys it.

by Hiba Obaid / Photography: Inga Lauenroth

‘Last Days of the City’… A Cairo collapsing, a lover leaving and an Arab region at the point of no return

Tamer El-Said takes us on a short and trying journey in his latest film, “Last Days of the City”, giving us a glimpse of some of the societal and human lamentations moving through his unique interpretation of the city of Cairo... This film is still showing in theaters in Berlin at: WOLF Kino (Weserstraße 59, 12045 Berlin - Neukölln)

by Asmaa Yousuf

Long journeys

At seventeen, Karamo Jabbie made the difficult journey from Gambia to Germany all on his own. In a music workshop in Berlin, he cooperated with other youth who came here on their own in search of a better future and together they produced a multi-lingual rap song that connects their different stories and honors their common struggles.

by Sophie Reimers

One week of language babel

The translator’s workshop “Poesie der Nachbarn – Dichter übersetzen Dichter” (Poetry of neighbors – Poets translating poets) took place for the 30th time this year. The host-country was Syria.

by Maritta Iseler

Meeting Saleh Kahhal

„I finally have a job!“ The first step is complete, but Saleh dreams of working in his actual field - as a journalist.

by Saleh Kahhal

The difficult path into the job market

Friederike and Leyla got to know each other in a partnership project and have since become friends. In the second part of this short series, the author follows Leyla’s path into the German job market and describes how important this step is for settling into a new country.

by Friederike Aps

Voting for our future without us

For some of us having the right to vote is still a dream. Not having this choice means others decide on what terms to move on.

by Yasmine Nayef Merei