One week of language babel

The translator’s workshop “Poesie der Nachbarn – Dichter übersetzen Dichter” (Poetry of neighbors – Poets translating poets) took place for the 30th time this year. The host-country was Syria.

by Maritta Iseler

Meeting Saleh Kahhal

„I finally have a job!“ The first step is complete, but Saleh dreams of working in his actual field - as a journalist.

by Saleh Kahhal

The difficult path into the job market

Friederike and Leyla got to know each other in a partnership project and have since become friends. In the second part of this short series, the author follows Leyla’s path into the German job market and describes how important this step is for settling into a new country.

by Friederike Aps

Voting for our future without us

For some of us having the right to vote is still a dream. Not having this choice means others decide on what terms to move on.

by Yasmine Nayef Merei

German politics finally going international?

Our author shares his perspective on German politics and how he missed international issues. He observes a shift which might lead in a new direction.

by Mohammadali Ghods

Alphabet of Arrival

Comic journalism offers an alternative approach to the usual way flight and migration are reported. Our author participated in an exciting workshop and tried this format for the first time.

by Asma Abidi

Humanize Humans

Are all humans truly humans regarding to the media? Are refugees seen in the same neutral eye, and their stories; are they written with the same crafted hands? A polemic about the medias portrayal of refugees  

by Oula Suliman

My story of leaving and arriving

Being a newcomer himself, the Scottish musician Liam remembers his first time in Germany. He describes how he relates to the experiences of other newcomers who came here as refugees and discovers what they share - and what differentiates them.

by Liam Cairns

6 Questions to: Lela Ahmadzai

The photographer Lela Ahmadzai has been following the lives of different women in Afghanistan since 2008 and has captured many moments and stories in portraits. In a brief interview, she talked about the link between women’s lives and politics, and about what interests her in her long-term project.


“The applicant is called upon…”

Abas has received a notice of rejection. A shock for after a long odyssey from Eritrea to Germany he finally seemed to be safe. But that safety is threatened. He is said to leave the country.

by Katja Doubek