World Citizens Choir

Integration through singing together

von Bettina Schuler

Erster Chorauftritt zur Preisverleihung zum Kulturvermittlungspreis im Lessingtheater Wolfenbüttel; Foto: Thorsten Raedlein, Stadt Wolfenbüttel
First performance of the World Citizens Choir in the Lessing theater in Wolfbüttel; Foto: Thorsten Raedlein, Stadt Wolfenbüttel

The medieval town of Wolfenbüttel has heard plenty of singing over the centuries. And now anyone can join in without having to read music or learn difficult lyrics or anything scary. Instead, the World Citizens Choir sings what brings cultures and people together: notes, sounds, noises and simple syllables. Anyone, of any age, gender or nation can take part and bring along an instrument, a favourite song or just themselves and their voices. Or come along to the first concert of the Chor der Weltbürger in Wolfenbüttel’s Lessingtheater on 6 May 2016.

From the beginning of March, another choir project is starting up in Hildesheim based on the same model, the On The Way.Choir. The difference: at the end of each singing project there’ll be a group walk including a performance. Here too, local people and newcomers are invited to bring along their favourite songs, dreams and wishes.

Find out when and where it kicks off on the homepage of the Unterwegs.Chor.