Portraits by Jacobia Dahm

von Jacobia Dahm

Ehsan, 21. Foto: Jacobia Dahm, Berlin 2015
Ehsan, 21. Photo: Jacobia Dahm, Berlin 2015

Ehsan worked with various humanitarian relief organizations in Aleppo before joining the revolution as an assistant surgeon and as a director of an office of civil activity. His journey to Germany took him 17 days and cost him $3,500, he arrived in Berlin in July 2015. The most frightening moment of his trip was the crossing of the Aegean to Lesbos. In Hungary, Ehsan’s friends were arrested and he was forced to complete his journey alone. His parents, his two brothers and his two sisters live in Turkey now.

Jacobia Dahm spent the summer of 2015 in Berlin, a time when the city was going through major changes: thousands of people arrived every day, Syrians fleeing their beloved country destroyed by war. Jacobia wanted to talk to them about their dangerous journeys and the lives they left behind – and she began to take their portraits.