Welcome to Kreuzberg – no sound is illegal

Wann: 23.02.2016

„Solidarity, not charity“ is what many refugees claim.
We know that thousands of people in Berlin are helping to bear the racist and completely inadequate conditions in the LAGESO and in the emergency shelters. We think this help is more than necessary and are glad that support is being given. But we also know that apart from shelter, food and clothing, being able to take part in cultural activities is more than welcomed by people who managed to flee here. This we as cultural activists can organise.

On February 23 rd , people having lived for a long while in Kreuzberg and people new to the district will come together in the legendary Kreuzberg venue “SO36” under the slogan “Welcome to Kreuzberg”. Artists having fled themselves will play on stage, pupils of nearby schools will organize a program for children of the emergency shelters and projects for and with refugees will be there with information and will also participate in the program on stage.

This event will be the starting point for a beginning network of creative artists, for children and young people, no matter whether they have been active in the town for a long time or are new in the neighbourhood. It is a place, in which a lot of activities can develop, but no demands exist.

We will start at 15:00 with activities for and with children (workshop for “heroes and heroines”, printing workshop, juggling workshop, button workshop and many activities more). To the same time, films in several languages will be shown in the SO36-lounge (“I am here”). From 20:00 on, these acts can be seen on stage: Khebez Dawle (Postrock
from Syria), Newcomer Youngsters feat Gülina (Arabic traditionals meet Jazz, HipHop and live Beatboxing), Shukrullah (Arabic singer songwriter) and there will be an open mic.

Welcome to Kreuzberg!
For an unconditional right of residence!
Contact: welcome2xberg@gmx.de