Frauke Petry, join me in demonstrating against the dictators of this world!

Our writer fled from Damascus several months ago. She knows: orders to shoot refugees on the borders won’t stop people from coming to Europe. The only way to do that is to put a stop to dictatorship.

von Dima Albitar Kalaji

Illustration: Raby-Florence Fofana
Illustration: Raby-Florence Fofana

It looks like this New Year will not have the “Happy” extension for many of us, and I have to admit that writing in these times is not easy! Since the awful unfortunate New Year’s Eve events in Cologne, the media tide against refugees is rising in Germany and Europe, and
a tide of hatred, fear, and rejection in some people is rising with it. Usually in these times, the truth mixes with many rumours, exaggerations, even lies sometimes, and of course the ugly generalization prevails.

However, when the leader of the Alternative for Germany party, whose popularity has grown, making it the third most powerful party in the country these days, invites the police to shoot refugees at the borders, this is really a scary thing! Not because its likely to happen, it is actually unlikely, but because it paves the road to accepting an escalation of violence against refugees and foreigners in general. Day after day I feel that the power of the media as a fourth estate decreases to become a political mobilization tool, but of course that does not include all journalists, initiatives and institutions, but unfortunately the highest and most influential voices belong to the first category.

Personally, I do not give much weight to concepts such as nationality, religion, ethnics, traditions and family history. I have never understood why I should be proud or vice versa ashamed of things and concepts I did not select myself but inherited, like the color my eyes and my hair! Torn between my life in Syria, and my new one in Germany, I try to start again. In most cases, things are not as easy as they may look, but I have no choice but to go forward in the very place where someone calls for us to be shot!
 Most of the arrivals have nothing more to lose, and shooting them won’t be a deterrent because they’ve already experienced that where they came from.

Extremists in suit and tie are not better than those with beards.

The right of Life is the first human right! And all people have this right, and they have the right to fight for it! And it does not matter how many borders and walls will be built, and no matter how high those walls become, those who are looking forward to life and liberty will find their way through. You in Germany in particular have experienced that, the famous Wall of Berlin did not prevent many dreamers and seekers of a better life attempting to pass through, and to die trying.

I invite Ms. Frauke Petry and all her supporters, and all the people who appreciate her words and the words of other politicians of similar opinions, to protest! To occupy the streets! But do not demand returning those miserable people to where they came from, that won’t bring the desired result. Ask your politicians, and government leaders to drop the support for dictatorships in our countries!

Please try to understand that these regimes have not and will never bring stability in these countries, stop supporting them with huge economic deals, combined with flabby political speeches! Stop this duplicity between what you say in your countries and what you do in ours.

When you realize that the difference between these dictatorships and IS, and other extreme groups, does not extend beyond the fact that the formeris wearing a tie, and the lattera dishevel beard, only then will you no longer have to deal with people like us in your country. 
In Germany, many wonderful people before you struggled to guarantee the freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate so you can now express your opinion. In great Germany the police protect your right to demonstrate. I have never experienced this “luxury” in Syria! The security authorities had the right to arrest any gathering of more than three people if they wanted, and without any warrant.

You did not hear our voices when we were there, so we were left with no other choice but to come to you! You can’t turn your faces away anymore, we won’t disappear when you turn off your TV!You have no choice but to combine your voice to ours! And to fight the dictatorships in this world on the same side as us!