I just want to live in peace.

I want to get some rest.

von REFUGEE VOICE, Boryana Ivanova

Berlin 2015. Photo: Boryana Ivanova

We walked from Syria to Turkey with my wife, our three daughters and my two sisters. On the Turkish border police hit me hard many times. We tried getting to Greece by boat which was packed with 80 people. My eldest daughter fell in the sea and we couldn’t see her anymore. I jumped in the water and looked for her for five hours but couldn’t find her. Turkish police took us out of the water and brought us back to Turkey. They found her two days later. We walked most of the way from Greece to Germany, sleeping for two hours only and hiding in the mountains so police couldn’t find us. Now that I’m in Germany I just want to live in peace. I’m really tired and want to get some rest. All the refugees shelters are full so we live in the park

Boryana Ivanova launched REFUGEE VOICE as an attempt to humanise the discussion on refugees and change the often negative perceptions that people have towards them. REFUGEE VOICE wants to  show that every person has their worries and their dreams.