Portraits by Jacobia Dahm

von Jacobia Dahm

Karam, 21. Foto: Jacobia Dahm, Berlin 2015
Karam, 21. Photo: Jacobia Dahm, Berlin 2015

Karam was a photojournalist and worked as a freelancer for Reuters in Aleppo before he fled Syria. Passionately political, he joined friends in the revolution after the Syrian government tortured children in 2011, but he felt suffocated by the options. About Assad’s regime he angrily says: “I don’t want to fight. I want freedom. But they made us carry guns.” When I asked him whether he sees himself returning home at some point in the future, he puts his head in his hands and paused. Then, slowly, he says: “Don’t ask me this question. Don’t ask any Syrian this question. You’re just going to make us cry.” He arrived in Berlin in June 2015. August 19, 2015.

Jacobia Dahm spent the summer of 2015 in Berlin, a time when the city was going through major changes: thousands of people arrived every day, Syrians fleeing their beloved country destroyed by war. Jacobia wanted to talk to them about their dangerous journeys and the lives they left behind – and she began to take their portraits.