Mecca is called Dettelbach here

Schneeberg is a Catholic pilgrimage site in the Odenwald mountains. There are now 15 Pakistani refugees living in the middle of the village. All men, all Muslims. Can it work out? An exploration in pictures.

von Cameo Kollektiv

Mekka heißt hier Dettelbach from Sebastian Cunitz on Vimeo.

In their multimedia piece, Sebastian Cunitz, a member of the „Cameo Kollektiv“, and Christoph Borgans explore life alongside 15 all-male Pakistani refugees in the village of Schneeberg, a Catholic pilgrimage site in the Odenwald mountains. Their piece “Mecca is called Dettelbach here”, published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’s video section, won Sebastian Cunitz and Christoph Borgans special recognition from the jury of the 2013 KAUSA media award.

The Cameo Kollektiv is an association of creative minds with the mission of letting people of all origins have their say and networking them with one another. The young collective runs projects, campaigns and workshops and produces outstanding publications that create space for more diversity.