A poetic boost for humanity

Students at Rostock University aim to promote humanity with a volume of poetry about refugees

Fachschaftsrat Universität Rostock Teilnehmer des Anthologie Projektes. Rostock 2016. Foto: privat
Student representative of the University Rostock. Participant of the anthology project. Photo: private

“Poetry can think about and sees things as they have never been considered and seen before,” say the poet Jan Wagner.
Hoping for new insights into other worlds, students at Rostock University are now also turning to this literary form in order to campaign on behalf of newcomers. They intend to publish an anthology of poetry and prose, proceeds from the sale of which will go to the Rostock hilft (Rostock helps) initiative. Project manager Tobias Prilll says that poems, “as a written-word art form, have an advantage over criticism-laden journalism in that they offer, in their very nature, a more personal perspective. They don’t have to fight for a ‘position’, for example, which can often lead to empty words and phrases. They’re always aimed at people, just like the texts in the anthology.“

Would-be poets still have until 4 April 2016 to submit a text for the volume, which is entitled Mach dir ‘nen Reim auf Menschlichkeit (Rhyming for Humanity). Simply send your contribution to kontakt at mach-dir-nen-reim.de

Further information is available at the official website or on the project’s Facebook page.