Refugee Voice: becoming a president

I’m a refugee everywhere

von REFUGEE VOICE, Boryana Ivanova

Photo: Boryana Ivanova
Photo: Boryana Ivanova

Since I was six years old I wanted to be a president. My father recently asked me how I could become a president if I don’t even have a country. Officially, I don’t even have a nationality. I’m a refugee everywhere. I grew up as a Palestinian refugee in the Yarmouck district of Damascus. My family moved from Palestine to Syria in 1948. Syria is a good country as far as it gives refugees the right to study and work. But you can never take a high position in a company and you cannot hold a public post. I hope that in Germany it will be better. I need to fix my situation first though in order to be in the position to be helping others. If I do something good for me then I can serve Palestine better. I’ve started feeling more and more comfortable with the German language and I want to start looking for a job. I want to be a manager in a company and eventually have my own company. I want to work in the IT sector or sell stocks. After I stabilize my situation, I want to go back to Palestine and help my people with whatever I can.

Boryana Ivanova launched REFUGEE VOICE as an attempt to humanise the discussion on refugees and change the often negative perceptions that people have towards them. REFUGEE VOICE wants to  show that every person has their worries and their dreams.