I want to study computer engineering

I am so happy that I can finally take my mother to a safe place.

von REFUGEE VOICE, Boryana Ivanova

Foto: Boryana Ivanova

Today I received my papers allowing me to stay in Germany. I am so happy that I can finally take my mother to a safe place. She sent me to Europe after my brother was killed in Damascus last year. He was shot by Assad army soldiers. We were all living in a Palestinian refugee camp in the south of Damascus. The army gave everyone living there 24 hours to leave. I left with my parents but my brother stayed behind. All the 100 or so people that were still in the camp were gunned down. In September 2014 I left for Turkey. I stayed there less than a month and tried to arrange my journey to Italy. We were travelling in the sea for four days already when our boat started sinking. It was during the night and we couldn’t see anything. The waves were really strong, throwing the boat from side to side. The engine had died and there was nothing I could hold myself to. I thought I would die. At that moment a big Greek ship came and rescued us all. We were offered a refugee status in Greece but nowhere to sleep or eat, I would have to start living on the streets. I decided to travel on to Germany where I declared myself a refugee. I’m 17 years old so they put me in a children’s home with other refugee kids. I want to finish the last year of high school and then go to university. I want to study computer engineering.

Boryana Ivanova launched REFUGEE VOICE as an attempt to humanise the discussion on refugees and change the often negative perceptions that people have towards them. REFUGEE VOICE wants to  show that every person has their worries and their dreams.