Refugee Voice: Dedicating your life to work alone is not worth it

The situation in Syria kills the human inside of you.

von REFUGEE VOICE, Boryana Ivanova

Photo: Boryana Ivanova
Photo: Boryana Ivanova

“I lost so many friends during the war that I lost count. One day I was walking around with my friend and some tanks passed by and started shooting. Everyone ran. I couldn’t find my friend anymore. I turned around and saw him lying on the ground. A few days later his family told me he was dead. A few weeks later I was at the market with my friends. One of them was playing around, running to the front and then coming back. He turned around the corner and in that same moment a bomb fell in that exact place. He was just 10 metres away from me. The situation in Syria kills the human inside of you. You either kill your feelings or your feelings kill you. That’s the choice you have to make. After a few months you start seeing all the horror and death around as something normal, it becomes part of daily life and you become hollow on the inside.
After I came to Germany, I decided to try everything, experience everything, to leave nothing for tomorrow. In Berlin I tried alcohol for the first time in my life. It’s the first time in ages that I can sleep until 9am. Life is very short, we should enjoy it as much as we possibly can. I spent big part of my life working and lost all that I had worked for in the blink of an eye. I graduated in 2004, got training, and in 2007 started my own office for design, decoration and construction. The first four years I was working without a day off, from 8am to late at night – sometimes I got back home at 2am. I only took two day breaks for the biggest Muslim holidays. Dedicating your life to work alone is just not worth it.”

Boryana Ivanova launched REFUGEE VOICE as an attempt to humanise the discussion on refugees and change the often negative perceptions that people have towards them. REFUGEE VOICE wants to  show that every person has their worries and their dreams.