Sexual Relationships are the Subject

So when you open your wounds, this will heal you and maybe the whole humanity will be healed this way.

von Ferial Berghli

Foto: Jane Kaimer
Photo: Jane Kaimer

I’ll say this in my native language even when it’s prohibited and like a taboo, not only from a religious point of view, but also socially.

I like to be honest. Sometimes it’s so funny when you utter things in a very innocent way.  Forty years ago a religion teacher punished me for uttering the word love. It was so prohibited at that time. She said this word will take you to hell. I don’t know why I put myself in such situations!!!  Maybe because I want to discover something new. Anyway being honest is the only way for humanity to reach peace,

So people must know the importance of being honest or earnest. And be truthful, not afraid of any sensors or observers.
Sexual relationships is the subject, but how could anyone approach such a subject, which is condemned by all people? I think even when some married couples mention sex in public in many Arab countries, they are condemned by almost all in our society and even in the western world in ancient ages it was so, and it’s prohibited for Christians who work in churches.

The religious leaders say you must serve God by being like him, and to them that means being celibate. But this is not natural for human beings and sometimes it leads to terrible sexual crimes, such as those against children. By denying natural desire they force people into secret, unnatural or even perverse expressions of desire. From the beginning of time until now, the religious leaders are against sex, despite the fact they themselves have sexual relations in a one way or another, legally or illegally. So they aren’t honest in their condemnation, unless it means they condemn themselves.

So when you open your wounds, this will heal you and maybe the whole  humanity will be healed this way of the greatest reasons of war. I think sexual suppression is the main cause of war: dishonesty about sex, and dishonesty in general. It would be great if humanity follow the law of peace, which is honesty.

Ferial Berghli is 61 years old. She was born in Damascus, Syria, where she lived until she was forced to leave due to the violence of the Assad regime. She studied English literature and taught English privately to students in Damascus. Ferial has long been interested in politics and once smuggled a dissident newspapers from Syria to Baghdad in her children’s clothes.