We’re doing it on ZDF Aspekte

WE’RE DOING IT was profiled on the nationwide TV show ZDF Aspekte. Annika Reich presented the movement in an interview and explained how WE’RE DOING IT came about.

The whole episode: Annika Reich on the ZDF Aspekte show; picture: ZDF
From guesthouse to refugees home: an interview with the wonderful Mister H.; picture: ZDF
From guesthouse to refugees home: an interview with the wonderful Mister H.; picture: ZDF
Interview: Lanna Idriss had an idea that sounds as obvious as it is adventurous – she wanted to give Syrians in the midst of the war zone and in the adjacent refugee camps a chance to earn their own living. picture: ZDF
Mohammed Jouni from Lebanon is a medical student and was only granted short-term residence status for some time. He talks about his work in an initiative helping young people with that same status. Picture:ZDF
The writer Annika Reich, co-initiator of the refugee aid action alliance “We’re doing it”, says newcomers’ suffering is now affecting her very personally. Picture: ZDF
Jourmana Seif from Syria, a human rights activist in the “Syrian Women’s Network”, explains why there can be no democracy without equal rights for Syrian women. Picture: ZDF
“Migration has defined my life,” says Priya Basil. “Yet never before has the question of how to navigate different worlds touched me as it does now.” Picture: ZDF
Dunja Hayali and many others make up “We’re doing it”. The TV presenter talks about what she learned from life from her parents, who came to Germany from Iraq. Picture: ZDF
Die The actress Bibiana Beglau on what has to be done right now. Picture: ZDF
Andrew Moussa, a student of journalism, fled Egypt for Germany a year and a half ago. He explains why he wanted to learn German at all cost. Picture: ZDF
Marion Detjen, historian and author of a book on helping people get out of war zones, sponsors a family from Aleppo in Berlin. Picture: ZDF
The journalist Andreas Tölke on his initiative Be an Angel e.V. and its support for legal action against Berlin’s Regional Office for Health and Social Affairs. Picture: ZDF