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Legal counselling for refugees

wearedoingit e.V. offers free legal counselling in various languages for refugees and displaced persons in Berlin's emergency shelters.

People who seek protection from violence, arbitrariness and dependence in Germany encounter a bureaucratic legal system that can seem confusing to many. A lack of access to language and basic information during the asylum procedure drastically increases the dependencies of those arriving here.

From 2017-2018 WIR MACHEN DAS was running a project that advocated the right to know one’s rights. The basic right to asylum is enshrined in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. The legal advice founded by three WIR MACHEN DAS advisory board members helped to demand this human right.

Basic information and concrete legal assistance

WIR MACHEN DAS offered free legal advice in emergency shelters in Berlin and Brandenburg for refugees. Lawyers specialized in asylum law provided general information on the legal situation in the asylum procedure and the so-called Dublin procedure in two-hour group consultations. They offered assistance and create contact points.
Questions about family reunification, accommodation and entitlement to social benefits and medical care were answered with the help of language translators and interpreters. The consultations also focused on preparation for the hearings in the asylum procedure.

The aim of legal counselling was to assist people on their way through bureaucracy: From general information to concrete measures with legal assistance.