Dima AlBitar Kalaji und Juliette Moarbes. Foto: Maritta Iseler

Dima AlBitar Kalaji & Juliette Moarbes

Dima Al-Bitar Kalaji is a journalist, currently heading the editorial deparment for the WIR MACHEN DAS magazine. She is a contributor for Zeit Online and also produced the podcast "Syrmania" for Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Juliette Moarbes  is a photographer and works as a picture editor at WIR MACHEN DAS and Missy Magazine.
Asma AlAbidi und Jennifer Fey. Foto: Nour Kelze

Asma Al Abidi & Jennifer Fey

Asma Al Abidi is a tunisian journalist who works for the online magazine mourassiloun. She is studying International Media Studies in Bonn, Germany. Jennifer Fey  is a photographer from Cologne, Germany.
Omar Al-Jaffal und Jo Hempel. Foto: Jo Hempel

Omar Al-Jaffal & Johannes Hempel

Omar Al-Jaffal is an iraqi journalist and poet. His poems have been translated into seven languages. He is a member of  “The Iraqi House of Poetry” and a published of the literary magazine "Bayt". In 2017 he was awarded the Mustafa Al-Husseiny Prize for Best Young Arab Journalistic Article. He is currently a fellow at Heinrich Böll Haus, Langenbroich/Germany – a residency for writers in risk. Johannes Hempel is a photographer shooting a wide spectrum of themes. He was involved with projects like „Fantastic Streets“ and the „Dirt Ollies“ Skateboardtour to Mongolia in 2004, which evolved from his mind.
Katja Huber und Moses Okile Ebokorait. Foto: Verena Kathrein

Moses Okile Ebokorait & Katja Huber

Moses Okile Ebokorait is a journalist, blogger and digital entrepreneur from Uganda. He's been living in Germany since 2009 and is active in a number of refugee initiatives. Katja Huber lives and works in Munich. She is an author, editor and radio journalist.  Since 2016 she has been organising "Meet Your Neighbours" encouter events together with a group of Munich-based authors.
Georgina Fakunmoju und Ahmad Alrifaee. Foto: privat

Georgina Fakunmoju & Ahmad Alrifaee

During the revolution in Syria, journalist Ahmad Alrifaee dedicated himself to his new calling as a video reporter and photographer. The news agency Reuters heard of his work and decided to work with him as a freelance reporter. In Germany, he is currently working as the Hamburg Media School as well while as producing short films. Georgina Fakunmoju studies European Media Science in Potsdam, Germany and journalism in Mexico. She is currently working at NDR (Northern German Broadcasting).
Hiba Obaid und Inga Lauenroth. Foto: Alexander Janetzko

Hiba Obaid & Inga Alice Lauenroth

Hiba Obaid is a palestinian-syrian jorunalist. She studies Arabic literature at the University of Aleppo and has written for magazines and newspapers in Syria, Turkey and Germany. She has been living in Berlin, Germany since October 2015. Currently working at Deutschlandfunk-Kultur and writing for "Die WELT" and many more. Inga Alice Lauenroth is a photographer who lives and works in Berlin. She studied photography at the Ostkreuzschule in Berlin and is the founder of several photographer collectives.
Elisabeth Wellershaus, Maan Mouslli. Foto: privat

Elisabeth Wellershaus & Maan Mouslli

Elisabeth Wellershaus lives in Berlin. She is a journalist and works as an editor for the art magazine “Comtemporary And” and  as well as other journals. She is the editor in chief of the WIR MACHEN DAS Online Magazine and also an editor of Zeit Online's "10 nach 8". Maan Mouslli ist a Syrian film maker and photographer who lives in Osnabrück, Germany. He directed the documentary "Newcomers"
Tandem Mariam Meetra and Heike Steinweg

Mariam Meetra & Heike Steinweg

Mariam Meetra, born in Baghlan, Afghanistan, currently resides in Berlin. Meetra studied journalism and PR in Kabul. The author and women's rights activist is a member of the afghan "PEN". In 2013 her first book of poetry „Leben am Rand“ was published. Heike Steinweg is a portrait photographer. Her photographs are shown internationally in single and group exhibitions. In 2018, her photo project "ich habe mich nicht verabschiedet" (I never said my goodbyes) about women in exile was exhibited in Berlin.
Tandem consisting of Asmaa Yousuf and Heike Steinweg

Asmaa Yousuf & Heike Steinweg

Asmaa Yousuf, born in Alexandria, Egypt, has been living in Berlin since 2015. She studies political science and works as a journalist for Amal Berlin amongst others. Asmaa Yousurf is a guest author for the column "10 nach 8" for Zeit Online. Heike Steinweg is a portrait photographer. Her photographs are shown internationally in single and group exhibitions. In 2018, her photo project "ich habe mich nicht verabschiedet" (I never said my goodbyes) about women in exile was exhibited in Berlin.
Mbuh Blaise Baneh & Susanne Dzeik. Foto: Harald Geil / Ras Adauto

Mbuh Blaise Baneh & Susanne Dzeik

Mbuh Blaise Baneh is a film maker from Bamenda, Cameroon. He was part of a group of young film makers from the same region that founded the first English Film School in Cameroon. Susanne Dzeik is an author, director and camera woman from Berlin. Her work focuses on topics such as people in socially disruptive situations and how they deal with these on an individual and collective level.
The tandem consisting of Ceren Saner and Theresia Reinhold

Ceren Saner & Theresia Rheinhold

Ceren Saner is a photographer who has been living in Berlin since 2016. She is currently touring Germany with a number of photo series, in which she reflects on queer topics from a personal perspective. Theresia Reinhold works as a freelance film maker. She has as Master degree in  contemporary history. Both her documentary works as well as a narrative short film have been shown at film festivals in the  USA and Europe.