The team behind the "we"

The team behind wearedoingit e.V. seeks to strengthen the voices of those who view migration and diversity as an opportunity. We say no thank you to policies that exclude and humiliate. No to fear and hate, to violence and resentment. Instead we welcome a diverse and positive society, one that we will help create together.

WIR MACHEN DAS /wearedoingit e.V. was founded in 2015 as an initiative by a network of over 100 women in arts, culture and academia. Today, the association employs a dozen people in and outside of Berlin, Germany. The association also works with over 100 newcomers engaged in the cultural sector. Get to know our in-house team here.

Annika Reich

is one of the founders of WIR MACHEN DAS and now heads the team as Artistic Director. Apart from spearheading both the association and Weiter Schreiben, Annika is an author of novels and children’s books and a columnist for Zeit Online.

Patricia Bonaudo. Foto: privat

Patricia Bonaudo

is part of the management team at WIR MACHEN DAS. She cares about creating a good working atmosphere and continuously improving and growing the association. Besides that, Patricia likes to keep the office neat.

Caroline Assad

is part of the management team at WIR MACHEN DAS. Clear and efficient work processes, evaluation, fundraising and teambuilding – those are topics close to Caroline’s heart.

Julia Kuepper

takes care of bookkeeping and the association’s administration. She likes coffee and spreadsheets with functioning formulas.

Patrick Kennedy

is Head of Communications at WIR MACHEN DAS. His aim is to foster the NGO's visibility by ensuring vivid interaction with the public without losing our sense for poetry on our way. Likes black tea.

Dima. Photo: Juliette Moarbes

Dima AlBitar Kalaji

is a journalist currently heading the editorial team for the WIR MACHEN DAS magazine. At Weiter Schreiben she handles the coordination and editing of Arabic texts. She enjoys long walks and talks and dancing.


Elisabeth Wellershaus

lives and works as an author and editor in Berlin. She's part of the editorial team behind the WIR MACHEN DAS magazine. Elisabeth enjoys reading about different perspectives on life between the North Sea and the Alps.

Tobias Scholz

is responsible for arranging Meet Your Neighbours events all over Germany. The topic of his PhD was pity in the medial sphere. He likes stories, well-managed projects, and collaborative creation and experiences.


Maritta Iseler

Art historian and photo editor Maritta studied at OKS for Photography in Berlin. She also curated international exhibition catalogues and has supervised art domestic art exhibitions. In her spare time, Maritta enjoys roller skating.

Juliette Moarbes

works as a picture editor for both WIR MACHEN DAS and Missy Magazine. She studied photography and media management and has a vocational training as a picture editor.


Christiane Kühl

is Head of Project Management for Writing On. She handles everything organisational, which makes it the first job in which she does not write.

Lama AlHaddad

supports the organisation with everything from social media posting and administrative assignments to translations. In her free time, Lama likes to do yoga and visit flea markets.


Sophie Reimers

wrote her dissertation on the topic of migration and family in 2018. She’s been head of the editorial team for WIR MACHEN DAS since 2017 and is currently on parental leave.

Photos team: Juliette Moarbes