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06. December 2019

Journalistinnen aus Syrien und Deutschland tauschen sich über ihre beruflichen Erfahrungen aus.


Meet Your Neighbours –
Cross-cultural talks

We don't talk about each other, but with each other – in face-to-face encounters in bookshops, libraries, museums and other cultural open spaces.

This is Meet Your Neighbours

Meet Your Neighbours is a project that encourages positive and respectful face-to-face encounters between new arrivals and old residents all over Germany. Through narrative evenings, conversations, multilingual readings and discussions, supposed strangers get to know each other and exchange ideas. People from crisis areas share more than their flight history here. They contribute their expertise, report on their work and everyday life. Who are the people who came to Germany? What are their stories and, more importantly, what are their goals and desires?

At Meet Your Neighbours, people from regions in crisis speak for themselves and people from the neighbourhood have the opportunity to listen to them and meet them.

We organise events together with associations, projects, initiatives, bookstores, libraries, museums, cultural sites and private individuals. They all help to ensure that Meet Your Neighbours creates a framework for discussion in as many places as possible.

What’s the impact of Meet Your Neighbours?

When strangers are no longer strangers, fears disappear and make space for understanding. Commonalities and differences become clear in their normality. At Meet Your Neighbours, people with shared and different experiences meet in a protected space. Encounters provide clarity and create relationships. All meetings make one thing clear: there is more that connects us than what separates us.

What has Meet Your Neighbours accomplished so far?

Since 2016 Meet Your Neighbours has organised over 50 events. They took place all over Germany: In Berlin, Bremen, Dresden, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Cologne, Bonn, Bruchsal, Nienburg/Weser, Mainz, Jena and Munich. In addition, the international cultural festival „Acht Mal Ankommen“ took place in Munich’s Monacensia at the beginning of 2018. All events have demonstrated how enriching diversity is. That’s why we’re gonna keep doing it.


We are grateful for everyone who wants to join the Meet Your Neighbours project. If you are interested in organising an event, please contact us directly.

Meet Your Neighbours is a project of WIR MACHEN DAS / wearedoingit e.V. in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung and Stiftung :do.

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