WIR MACHEN DAS – and this is who we are

WIR MACHEN DAS (WE ARE DOING IT) arose from a network of 100 women from arts and culture, science, journalism and public life under the association wearedoingit e.V. in 2015.

As a non-profit organisation we use various projects in the fields of arts and public relations to advocate for support, participation and the recognition of diversity in the context of refugee movements and migration.

Our Aims

We address all people not as “the needy”, but with regard to their expertise, because diverse perspectives enrich local discourses. Together we aim to improve career prospects, educational offers and networking opportunities. We foster individual resources and create opportunities for exchange. In this way, we bolster the involvement of people from zones of war and conflict. Together we are shaping a future in which immigration and diversity are seen as an opportunity and asset.

Our Projects

Weiter Schreiben (Writing On) is a platform for literature and music. Authors from conflict zones collaborate with German-speaking authors. The texts are then illustrated and published in both German and the original language on an online portal. Through this we open doors to the local literary scene while enriching it at the same time. Furthermore, numerous readings with music take place at well-known literary institutions.

Meet Your Neighbours supports conversations between recent migrants and long-established residents around Germany. These exchanges always centre around the topic of “work”. Because, in many cases, people from zones of war and conflict have skills and expertise that enrich our social cohesion and from which we can profit. At storytelling evenings and conversations in book shops, libraries and community centres, so-called strangers get to know each other and exchange viewpoints in a protected environment.

Baynatna – the Arabic Library in Berlin holds a wide and growing selection of books and magazines in Arabic. As a venue, Baynatna offers literary readings, musical evenings and artistic workshops, events and workshops for children and youngsters, as well as a variety of socio-political events. The library also hosted the wildly successful first Arab-German Literature Days in 2018 and 2019.

With our project, Demokratie? Eine Frage der Verfassung! (Democracy? A Question of Constitution!), we are planning a series of civic debates on our society, how we have been shaped by our history, and how we would like to shape our future state and constitution. On the occasion of the recent 70th anniversary of the Grundgesetz (Basic Law’s), we are also focusing on the role it plays in these questions.

In cooperation with the initiative „UNTOLD – Write Afghanistan“ and the KfW Foundation, we publish texts and letters by Afghan womxn writers on weiterschreiben.jetzt in the project Weiter Schreiben. Weiter Schreiben connects with womxn writers in Afghanistan and put each of them in touch with an established writer from Germany.

The Weiter Schreiben magazine was released for the first time in June 2019. “Houses – Gardens – Ruins” was the theme of the first print edition, the second edition is planned for early 2020.

(W)Ortwechseln ((Ex)changing Words & Places)is a literary letter project that connects renowned writers from the Arabic- and Farsi-speaking world with well-known authors who’ve been in Germany longer, or their whole lives. Authors that have fled to Germany, or still live in zones of war and conflict, share their impressions of their present, and the conditions their writing is subjected to, with German writers.

Completed Projects:

Neue Räume / Neue Perspektiven (New Spaces / New Perspectives) is the title of our exhibition currently on display at the Stiftung Mercator foundation, featuring works by artists that come from zones of war and conflict. Through their choice of perspectives and visual language, Tewa Barnosa, Ammar Al-Beik, Jeanno Gaussi, Ala‘ Hamameh, Yara Said, Abdul Razzak Shaballout, Huda Takriti and Mohammad Zaza enable us to engage with their examinations of the turmoil they experienced.

Mapping Berlin / Damaskus is a new literary cartography. Many Syrians find places in Berlin that remind them of Damascus. Place for place, memory for memory, the city maps of Damascus and Berlin blend into one another. This phenomena inspired Berlin-based Syrian author Dima Albitar Kalaji to create an experiment: Together with Kurdish-Syrian author Widad Nabi and Berliner authors Svenja Leiber and Annett Gröschner, she explored this doubled cartography in literary-essay form.

In our online magazine journalists and photographers report on the everyday and the extraordinary. In their stories they meet people that show that migration is a societal asset and, in many cases, a normal state of being.


Behind WIR MACHEN DAS, is a dedicated team that is working towards reaching our goals and visions: an open and plural society, for which migration is an asset. Get to know who we are here.