Aylin Karadeniz
© Svetlana Biryukova

In this podcast Aylin Karadeniz talked to various actors from the arts, culture, academia and civil society about the question of how we can shape our society towards more pluralism and solidarity.

In each episode, Alyin invited a member of the advisory board of WIR MACHEN DAS to talk with her and an additional guest about topics such as activism, empowerment, solidarity and belonging.

The approach of dazugehört was personal and biographical– because the private is political, too. Everybody looks at society and the challenges we face in times of rising populist forces from their own perspective and based on their experiences.

In the podcast, we attempted to connect these perspectives in order to do justice to the complexity of the manifold questions related to the issue of belonging: How does power-critical empowerment succeed? How can we achieve solidarity across different groups and contexts? And how does building sustainable activism work?

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Production, Postproduction: Axel Scheele
Music: the devil’s blind spot
Photos: Svetlana Biryukova
Photo editing: Maritta Iseler and Juliette Moarbes
Concept and moderation: Aylin Karadeniz

dazugehört – für eine pluralistische und solidarische Gesellschaft was a podcast by WIR MACHEN DAS, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.