Our exhibition Neue Räume / Neue Perspektiven (New Spaces / New Perspectives) is currently on display in the Stiftung Mercator, featuring works by artists that come from zones of war and conflict.

Through their choice of perspectives and visual language, Tewa Barnosa, Ammar Al-Beik, Jeanno Gaussi, Ala‘ Hamameh, Yara Said, Abdul Razzak Shaballout, Huda Takriti and Mohammad Zaza enable us to engage with their examinations of the turmoil they experienced. Their works illuminate personal and historical memories, pose questions about belonging and reflect on the hard-won freedom to express oneself without repressive measures. How do the artists translate these existential experiences into their works?

The exhibition was curated by our colleague Dr. Maritta Iseler. In this interview with Stiftung Mercator’s AufRuhr magazine, she discusses the process behind it (in German).

The exhibition is on display at Huyssenallee 40 in Essen until December 28th and can be seen in Stiftung Mercator’s ProjektZentrum Berlin from January 2020.