Bild Weiter Schreiben Magazin von Christiane Kühl
© Christiane Kühl

The first issue of our Weiter Schreiben magazine has been released. “Houses – Gardens – Ruins” is the theme of this first print issue.

In June the first issue of our Weiter Schreiben magazine (The Writing On magazine) was released. This first print issue has Häuser – Gärten – Ruinen as its theme because those are the places where we all live.

“Write to me Nino, because every time I read your words, I find my way back home.” wrote Syrian poet Lina Atfah on January 27th 2019, in the course of her correspondence with writer Nino Haratischwili printed in this issue. The correspondence between these tandem partners is a testament to their intensive, literary, political and personal exchange. It shows that writing is not only an art, it’s also a medium for encountering and relating to the world.

All of the authors and artists featured in this magazine have found a (visual) language that can open up new perspectives in order to see houses, gardens, ruins and the world in a new way. This magazine is therefore one thing above all else: a door into a shared world.

The Weiter Schreiben magazine  is free and available now in well-stocked book shops, literature centres, theatres, cafes and bars in many German cities, awaiting its numerous readers.

This print magazine was made possible through The Power of the Arts, a Philip Morris GmbH initiative. Weiter Schreiben is a recipient of the 2018 Power of the Arts award.