With our project, Demokratie? Eine Frage der Verfassung! (Democracy? A Question of Constitution!), we are planning a series of civic debates on our society, how we have been shaped by our history, and how we would like to shape our future state and constitution.

On the occasion of the recent 70th anniversary of the Grundgesetz (Basic Law’s), we are also focusing on the role it plays in these questions.

We are using the anniversary years of 2019/2020 to bring communities together and begin a multi-faceted and spirited conversation. What is the state of our democracy? How democratic is our state? How important are the values and principles formulated in the Basic Law for our daily life? Where do constitutional rights diverge from social reality? What could or should we change in the Basic Law in light of the open wounds of re-unified German history since 1990?

We want to engage – in close coordination with local communities – city theatres, cinemas, libraries, rural community centres and other public spaces as stages for civic debate. The series will begin in spring 2020 and take place throughout the entire republic – depending on local interest. Throughout this process, recurring thoughts, ideas, and criticisms will be documented and organised according to their content. We will document the debates‘ progress on our website:

A conference with participants from civil society, research and politics will accompany the series, focusing on questions of constitutions and constitutional critiques past and present.

At the end of the series, we will create a collection of relevant materials and – since we can only achieve sustainable results in a representative democracy through parliaments – present it to the democratic parties represented in the German federal parliament, in order to generate a political response to the initiative.

A project from WIR MACHEN DAS in collaboration with Bielefeld University and the Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft, supported by the Federal Agency for Civic Education.

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